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What is WCY branded lab equipment?
"WCY" is derived from company name abbreviations of
"Beijing Weichengya Laboratory Equipment Co.,Ltd".

Where is the WCY edulab located?
WCY edulab(
Beijing Weichengya Laboratory Equipment Co.,Ltd) was established in 1999,located in Beijing daxing District and Beijing Fengtai district.

In which year your company established?
WCY edulab(Beijing Weichengya Laboratory Equipment Co.,Ltd) was established in 1999,since 2009 start to export all of the manufacted products to overseas.

Whether WCY edulab is a manufactural factory or a trading company?
WCY edulab was a manufacturer of laboratory furniture and hume hood etc.It's factory was located in 
Beijing daxing District.And there is another factory located in Beijing Fengtai district for which mainly produce the digital laboratory sensors and science physics/biology/chemical experiment devices. The two factory's enterprise legal person is the same person who named Lin Lingling.

Do you have your own R&D department,and how many technicians work at your company?
We have our own R&D department,there are 8 technicians work at the R&D team.We can design the products by ourself,and also can do the OEM/ODC service for you.We are looking forward to your communication about the design 

Can I have my own logo on the products?
Yes,we can provide the OEM service,the order products can be design by your idea and can stick your logo on it.

Do you have a your own website?
Yes,we have our own website,the website address is  or

More Product Information
Designed for education: WCY products are designed for education,they are not intended for use in gruaduate research or industry,and should not be used in any apparatus involved with life support,patient diagnosis,or industrial control.WCY reserves the right to change the specifications of any product without prior notice,If a product is no longer available ,WCY reserves the right to substitute a product of equal,or higher,value and functionality.

Do you have the CE certification?
Our products carry the CE marking,which indicates that they  conform to the applicable European standards.This almost exclusively applies to products that are designed to meet the following applicable directives.
2004/108/EC  for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

Where is your factory located?
Our factory was Located at 
1#yard, Dongxingye Road, Nangong Villagers Comittee, Yinghai Town, Daxing District, Beijing, China  

Where is your office located?
Our office was Located  Room 403,2# building,Zhongfuligong Brand Base,Xingong Nanyuan,Fengtai District,Beijing,China

What's the objective can be used to do the 
Uniform Circular Motion experiment?
Follow our step,using WCY Two Dimensional Motion Senor (WCY1051) installed with the Circular Motion Experiment device(WCY 845), connecting with WCY special software and Data Logger do the expeiment,to verification the truth.

Can we use the WCY Two Dimensional Motion Senor (WCY1051)  to do the projectile motion experiments?
Yes,you can connect with the WCY special software to analyze the projectile velocity data,Its range is: 0-200cm      Resolution:1mm  Frenquency:50Hz 

Can you show the picture to us with the Two Dimensional Motion Senor (WCY1051)?

What about your delivery time ?
It depend on quantity.usually we have stock. 
What is the operating system ?
At present  Windows XP, Window 7, window 8.
Is it possible to change another language ?
Of course ,you can choose any language you want. Help us to transfer the language bag to your language .within 4days ,our engineer can change it . 
Does it need extra power ?
Yes, but don’t worry the power. Usually,the USB can supply the power to sensor. when more than four sensors to do experiments ,extra power is necessary.    
Is the port to be another one ?
YES , our engineer can change the port you need .such as RJ45  
How to work using two sensors ?
It is easy . Just connect the two sensors with data logger and then open the software to do some set .
Does it buy them directly from your company ?
What is the warranty ?
One year 
If it is broken ,how to change them ? Send to you or we can do it by ourself ?
You need sure it is really broken , before take experiment ,some sensors need calibrate like force sensor. If broken, we can change broken sensors within warranty.
Which experiments it can be made ?
Here is our experiment list, inside all experiments we can do.
What is the packing ?
transparent plastic bag for each sensor,and then place a set of sensors,data logger into one aluminum alloy box.
there are two sensors. One is sensor with screen and the other is sensor without screen .the port is different . 
Sensors with screen is USB interface, can connect with computer directly . 
Sensors without screen is 6p6c cable,should contact data logger firstly and then contact computer .