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Data Logger WCY101
Item number:WCY101
1,volume small delicate, four channel parallel acquisition, single channel highest sampling rate 100KSPS. 
2, USB power supply, data transmission using standard usb2.0 communication protocol.
3,no external power supply, reserve 12 V/2A power interface, all ports have 12 VESD electrostatic protection.
4,digital channel sampling accuracy up to 1 microsecond; Ergonomic appearance, practical, durable.  
5,sensor channel adopts 6 p6c interface, acquisition resolution 16 - bits   
6,CPU basic frequency above 30 MHZ   
7,all ports have short circuit protection, support hot plug, plug and play, and sensor arbitrary combination   
8,SMT technology production, reserve expanded space, can be directly after PDA or  laptop outdoor expanding inquiry
CE /ISO14001:2004/ISO9001:2008/GBT28001-2001
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Beijing Weichengya Laboratory Equipment Co.,Ltd is the leading solution supplier for data logger,digital sensors and traditional laboratory equipment.
We concentrate on data logger and digital sensors since foundation in 1999.and there are three series data logger,more than 40 kinds of sensors (and there are three kinds of different shell with 6p6c cable interface, USB interface,USB interface with 1.8inch display screen.).And there are more than 60 kinds of laboratory instruments,most of which are working together with sensors to study the entire course of physics,chemistry,biology and engineering. 
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